Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Only Reason Needed to Miss the White Stripes

Son House's Death Letter Blues, which The White Stripes re-tooled in their own blood-pounding, garage way for De Stijl--it's perfect. It's the White Stripes. All of what they do in one six-minuter. A friend passed it along back in the day because I was in some sort of dreadful, Dazed-and-Confused heaviness, saying it would give me the right, saucy thrashing to get awake. He was right: what a breath of fresh air the White Stripes were in the Age of The Strokes.

So yeah, they broke up today. Let's lament for a few minutes, or as long as your Tweetdeck will keep the story visible. There's really nothing else to say, but Jesus...what a band.


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